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What is a community organization, designed to move a community forward, if it can not produce that effect?


The Greater Redford Community Foundation, and a coalition of other organizations, is always looking for good ideas that can be applied in this community, and the area.  The Foundation is not only here to create a funding source for advancing our community, but it is also working to better the community.  This is something that our people deserve and you can not do it by telling the public that "everything is O.K., do not worry".  It is clearly recognized that ignoring issues will not make them go away.  The Greater Redford Community Foundation is taking community issues and challenges head on.


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Mission Statement

The Greater Redford Community Foundation is dedicated to enhancing and enriching the quality, depth and extent of life, work and benefit for the people of Redford Township and the greater area. The Foundation provides community leadership, grants, and responsible stewardship of funds.

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