Donating to the              Greater Redford    Community Foundation

1. Give by Check.

Make out your check to the Greater Redford Community Foudation. Send it to the address below. 


2. Donate using PayPal

Click the "Donate" button anywhere on this website.  You will receive a tax deductible reciept less the credit card processing fee.

(approx. 2.5%) 


3. Contact the Board to discuss creating a new endowment for your   

           special interest.


4. Volunteer to help.

Contact the Board of Directors or join us at a meeting .

Ways to support our efforts in moving our   community forward.  (All contributions are tax deductible.)

Greater Redford Community Foudation

15427 Wakenden

Redford, MI 48239

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Mission Statement

The Greater Redford Community Foundation is dedicated to enhancing and enriching the quality, depth and extent of life, work and benefit for the people of Redford Township and the greater area. The Foundation provides community leadership, grants, and responsible stewardship of funds.

15427 Wakenden
Redford, MI 48239

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